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Why Choose Us

Approach and Details of Search Process 

Cleverly Search Limited has a search process which is based on a simple framework consisting of four key components. This methodically outlines our recruitment cycle, and ensures we deliver a quality driven service to our clients. 

  • Ascertain Client requirements / criteria and study the briefs for the vacancies provided. From here on, this is where we implement a search strategy in accordance with the Client’s agreed timeline. 
  • Develop strong relationships with direct line managers and HR managers to ensure there are open channels for communication. This is to keep our Clients updated on progress and to guarantee we are working in unison to achieve goals. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current recruitment methods employed to understand metrics such as your resume received to interview ratio. 
  • Determine what problems Clients face in recruitment and how does recruiting talent impact on your capacity to deliver your services. 
  • Help develop compelling propositions to attract potential applicants 
  • Offer a fully outsourced recruitment service, and allocate our consultants to specifically work on these assignments 
  • Competency-based interviewing with detailed reporting and short listing for retained searches. 
  • Work with hiring and HR managers to agree on an initial and targeted search list to make speculative approaches on your behalf. 

Consider and evaluate each candidate’s expectations and career aspirations. Identify employment opportunities that correspond to a candidate’s profile and to provide them with interesting career opportunities, both in terms of the position and progression potential. 

  • Cleverly Search maintains an up to date and relevant database of candidates working in the local market which we can directly resource from. We also have a strong relationship with our top candidates and have ensured they have been met and interviewed in person.  
  • Through our CRM systems Cleverly Search monitors candidates and ensures that we are speaking with our candidates every three to six months to determine their career plans, and to update them on the market, and current openings. We believe this approach creates value to both candidates and our clients.  
  • Mapping industry sectors to identify potential candidates in that space – based on their skill sets, levels of competency in technical knowledge, practical experience, project involvement and seniority. 
  • Use a targeted search by means of advertising through traditional and new media platforms at our disposal 
  • Formally headhunt candidates via research tools. 
  • Offer social networking strategies to develop candidate interest and drive conversations about them to gain valuable feedback 
  • Offer an existing referral scheme which enables us to tap into passive candidates who are not actively exploring opportunities. 
  • Provide job board CV searching as we constantly track these on a daily basis 
  • Actively network at events such as industry seminarsconferences and associations. As well as attend meetings in offsite locations for confidential conversations with potential candidates. 
  • Leverage personal relationships within our network to generate candidates. 
  • Build candidate communities through websites, and blogging. We monitor current events in construction and post articles consistently on our social network accounts.  
  • Attend industry functions and participate in open discussions and newspaper interviews about the industries we work in. 

To conclude, by adopting these search methods Cleverly Search will ensure a constant inflow of high-quality candidates from a wide range of sources. 

  1. Identifying Potential / Targeted Candidate
  2. Receipt of Resume
  3. Resume Evaluation Or Rejection 
  4. Candidate Qualifying
  5. Conduct Face to Face Interview with Candidate
  6. Evaluate Candidate and Build Report

Candidate Information Gathered - qualifications /experience / skills / personality / motivations / projects/ portfolio of design works/ achievements / salary / location / personal particulars / availability. 

  1. Present to Client
  2. Brief Client on Candidate Submissions 
  3. Arrange Interview
  4. Attain Client Feedback on Candidate / Interview 
  5. Obtain Candidate Interview Feedback
  6. Candidate Debrief on application status / process
  7. Arrange 2nd Interview – Or Rejection After 1st Interview 

(Repeat steps 10 & 11 after 2nd Interview is conducted) 

  1. Manage Offer & Negotiation from both theClientand Candidates perspective 

At this stage Cleverly Search Limited will obtain job references with the permission from the identified candidates, and will conduct telephone calls with the specified referees.  

  1. Agree Candidate Start Date between both parties
  2. Candidate Commences first day of employment
  3. Weekly check on candidate

Cleverly Search frequently monitors how all our candidates are performing in their new positions, to determine if they are comfortable with their roles, if they are enjoying their work, if they are fitting in to the working environment / company culture, their relationships with their superiors/peers/subordinates, to find out if they are receiving the right support, or if they are encountering any difficulties with the job. 

  1. Weekly/Monthly review with Client on candidate progress

    It is Cleverly Search’s policy to ensure our clients are satisfied with the work performance for all successfully placed candidates. We value and welcome feedback on the candidates we have introduced from our clients. And we will consistently contact the hiring managers for updates during the specified guarantee period. This will be in the form of scheduled telephone calls or meetings.